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We update our facebook fan page weekly with our client's design ideas, and we sometimes show the progress that they take from concept to completion.

Branding, AKA logos, are very important for a company's image! We start every project with a phone call or email to find out what the client needs in regards to their image. From there, we create 9-11 logo ideas for the client to choose from. (Sounds like a lot of ideas, but in most cases it helps show the client what possibilities are out there for their image.)

Print design spans a wide range of media. We specialize in business cards, brochures, trade show displays, package design, environmental design, banners, ads and much more!


Our design process with print design is similar to Logo design, in that 3-5 ideas are created for the client to choose from, and then we work on revisions until they are 100% satisfied.




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